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We’re Lake People Who Love Mountain Views

Notes from the travelers, hooray! We are still here, still trucking, still weird. We find ourselves these days in the fine state of Vermont. We are really taking our time and drinking in the states we are visiting and it has been a really good change. Despite the fact that we are “taking our time”… Continue reading We’re Lake People Who Love Mountain Views

Casual Weirdness, Indeed

Changing Pace… We are all about doing this differently around here and we have been skirting around some big lifestyle shifts for a very long time. I started with practicing gratitude, flipping the script on the ‘boring’ tasks of being a stay-at-home mom, I read Essentialism by Greg McEwan, I got into Kon Mari then… Continue reading Casual Weirdness, Indeed

Portrait of Kate and Alex, sitting in-front of their RV. Each are wearing jackets, and hats.
That's all. Here's a banana 🍌